Top of Skellefteå


Top of Skellefteå: Hiking on your own, but still together.

Top of Skellefteå takes place between 26 May – 30 September 2022. The card is available for purchase at Skellefteå Tourist Center or via Swish. The task is to visit the peaks indicated on the map. The card must be handed in no later than October 2, 2022, with a note of which peaks have been climbed.

Everyone who has visited and noted at least three peaks participates in a raffle of great prizes. This includes three gift cards to a value of SEK 500 / pc. The result is posted at Turistcenter in our blog. The award ceremony will take place in early October. For you under 15 years, the card is free. But in order to be able to take part in the draw for prizes, you must register for participation or when handing in your card.

We have a Facebook group where you can quickly get information. Of course, we assume that no one cheats in our summer competition and behaves well in the woods and on low mountains.

Good luck - have a nice hiking summer!

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TOP OF SKELLEFTEÅ 2022 - here are our tops!

Klinten near Skatan 76 m above sea level
SWEREF 99 TM N 7196749, E 791860 N: 7235388 E: 740584
Rävaberget 64 m above sea level The cheese nose
SWEREF 99 TM N 7203570, E 789644 WGS84

Blyberget near Svarttjärn 146 m above sea level.
SWEREF 99 TM N 7168943, E 790124

Petberget near Brattås 52 m above sea level.
SWEREF 99 TM N 7165295, E 814123

Fjällmorberget near Mångbyn 73 m above sea level.
SWEREF 99 TM N 7156422, E 801653

Pitmanliden near Fällfors 271 m above sea level.
SWEREF 99 TM N 7237210, E 771156

Finnforsberget 251 m above sea level 2 km N of Granfors
N 7197394, E 755446

Sör-Degerberget (nature trips) 230 m above sea level.
SWEREF 99 TM N 7228133, E 777800

Näsberget 1 km from Byskeälven 387 m above sea level
SWEREF 99 TM N 7253672, E 736129

201 m above sea level S om Ö SkråmträskSWEREF 99 TM N 7178792, E 769480
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