Top of Skellefteå


We select ten topsof Skellefteå.

The summit of Skellefteå runs between May 21 and September 30, 2020. The task is to visit the peaks indicated on the card. The hike should take place per foot both up and down. By October 3, 2020, the card must be submitted, listing the peaks that were visited during the summer. A person should certify that You have made the summit. Everyone who has visited and recorded at least three peaks participates in the prize draw. The card can be purchased at Skellefteå Tourist Center.

The task is to visit the mountain peaks listed. The cards must be submitted no later than September 30, listing the tips that you have visited. Everyone who has recorded at least three peaks participates in the prize draw. For you under 15, the card is free if someone else in the family has a card. To be able to participate in the draw of winnings (we have, among other things, five pcs. Gift cards worth SEK 500 / pcs and some other nice winnings) you have to sign up for participation. Prizes will be awarded in early October 2020. Continuous information is provided here, in our Facebook group and in the event calendar at Skellefteå municipality. But given the corona center, our joint tours will initially be limited. In the first place, this is so-called self-walking.

Top of Skellefteå card can be purchased at Tourist Center or directly on-site with Swish /cash at joint collections ( Facebook group )

TOP OF SKELLEFTEÅ 2020 - here are our tops!

Storklinten 517 m asl N: 7235388 E: 740584

Vithatten, 510 m above sea level border Arvidsjaur and Malås municipalities, N: 7238462 E: 715532 H: 511

Vitberget-Kalvträsk, nature reserve, 489 masl N: 7175478 E: 725686 (Also available are viewing towers 18 meters high at the top).

Dikeslidberget, near Bygdsiljum, 269 m asl N: 7147789 E: 763131 H: 269

Rönnberget, Mjövattnet, 119 m above sea level. N: 7169760 E: 783547

Falkberget, Viken, 147 m above sea level N: 7190941 E: 780972

Häbbersberget, Häbbersfors, 220 m asl N: 7211133 E: 763946

Grundträskberget, Grundträsk, 397 m asl N: 7241428 E: 743881

Brattberget, Luöhkkie 477 m asl N: 7252207 E: 723219

Antakberget, ándákvárrie 423 m asl N: 7255233 E: 729702

Map with the top ten

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