Living on a raft (Booked via Bureå Camping)

Bureå, Skellefteå

Living on a raft means that many amenities that you have at home are not available. Here are no electricity or drinking water. No modern toilets or laundry facilities. But precisely these things make the accommodation a very unique and special experience that remains in the memory.

The fleets

The raft is actually three rafts that are built together into a large raft of about 90 m ². The rafts are beautifully located out in the sea at Björkön about 2 km from the campsite. On two of the rafts there are cabins (approx. 15 m ²) in which you can live 4 people in each cabin (however, two people must then lie on mattresses on the floor and involve some stowage of the table). Between the cottages is a raft with a wood-fired sauna that can accommodate 4-6 people and an outdoor toilet. The raft also has a bench /table outside the sauna where 6-8 people can sit.

The cottages
The cottages have two beds with double mattresses so that two mattresses can be moved down and laid on the floor if you are 4 people. Pillows and duvets are in the drawers under the bed, but you bring your own bed linen. There is no electricity or drinking water on the rafts. As it is difficult to do the dishes, there are no kitchen utensils or cutleryin the cabins without you being allowed to bring what you need. You must also bring your own drinking water. (You can freely borrow both kitchen utensils and water bottles at the campsite, but must then be washed when they are returned.

The sauna is a smaller sauna that makes it quick to heat up. The sauna is wood-fired and you are responsible for bringing firewood. (can also be bought at the campsite) Under no circumstances may any flammable liquids be used to light the fire in the sauna. Diving is absolutely forbidden from the rafts as these are located in relatively shallow water and there may be sink timber on the bottom.

When you rent the raft you have access to the entire raft, sauna and toilet. You you can rent 1 or 2 cottages depending on the number and needs. So even if you rent a cottage, you are on the raft yourself and have access to the sauna
Rent 1 cottage (max 4 people for overnight stay)1 200 kr
Rent 2 cottages (max 8 people for overnight stay) SEK 1,600

Check-in 14.00 (Key can be picked up at the campsite earlier together with any other borrowed equipment by arrangement)
Check-out 12.00 (Key can be left at the campsite later together with any other borrowed equipment by arrangement)

Transport to the rafts will be added
As the rafts do not have a land connection, boat transport is required to get to the rafts. From the harbor there is about 500 m of protected water to the rafts. From Danielsten it is about 100m to the rafts. Transport can be solved in several ways but must be booked in advance if you do not solve the transport on your own.

  • Arrange your own transport
  • Book transport by motorboat (Starting from the port to the rafts) price SEK 600 /trip
  • Rent Kayak, Icross, SUP boards (Can be rented at the campsite, when booking a raft you get a 50% discount) Prices rent kayak /SUP /Icross