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Stackgrönnans boat museum

Stackgrönnan, Skellefteå

Stackgrönnan's boat museum is a must for everyone who comes to Skellefteå during the summer. The museum is beautifully located next to the Skellefteå river, only a 15-minute drive from the city center. Here you will find utility boats on display, from a time when the boat was the most common means of transport. The exhibition of boat engines is one of Sweden's largest and includes many different models, ranging from large inboard engines and smaller locally made "Örvikers" to American spinners.

Stackgrönnan's boat museum has free admission and is only open during the summertime.

For group bookings and tours: Contact Skellefteå museum.

Welcome to Skellefteå's most visited excursion destination!

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93191 Stackgrönnan
Phone: 46-0910730000


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