Kluredo a virtual murder mystery


Put on your detective hat and play our virtual Murder Mystery.

There are three morning riddles in Swedish and a murder riddle in English cluebreak.

Take on your detective hat and play the digital Murder Mystery game called ClueBreak!

You work in small teams of 2-4 people and use the ClueBreak-app to navigate and solve the case.

(You can find all locations and witnesses in Skellefteå Centrum). 

You'll search for virtual witnesses, solve questions and riddles to get information and then eliminate both suspects and murder weapons to crack the case and uncover the killer.

16 witnesses and 6 possible murder weapons. Most points wins!

The ticket is valid for 1 team. Max 6 persons. It can best be described as a mixture of a big Cluedo and Pokemon Go.

You buy your ticket at Skellefteå Tourist Center. Then it's up to you when you want to complete the "murder mystery". 

Recommended age limit is 12 years.

You can do the activity when it suits you, so you don't need to book a specific day.

It takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete the activity, it is possible to take a break and then continue. Once you have logged in, the activity must be done the same day.

The Glenndale Murder (16 witnesses, 6 murder weapons)
NOTE! In Swedish!
In the fictional small town of Glenndale, a man and a woman have been found dead. One brutally beaten to death, one harmoniously resting in bed. One victim was seen last night arguing with someone. Can the deaths be connected or what has really happened?

Who Murdered Immortal Woman? (19 witnesses, 6 murder weapons)
NOTE! In Swedish!
This story takes place in a parallel universe…
When the fliers reveal that the beloved and hated superhero Immortal Woman is dead, it quickly becomes world news!

Several supertypes have taken it upon themselves to kill, some have disappeared without a trace, and what will happen to Immortal Woman's invulnerability pill?!

You must help us catch the real killer!

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

New case!
The Murder of Circus Marx (14 witnesses, 8 letters, 6 murder weapons)
NOTE! In Swedish!
Director Julius Marx has been found dead in his circus wagon!

Circus Marx is one of the country's largest, currently on a new tour. The question is who will now take over from the Director and what happens to all the performers in the circus, this world seems to be full of intrigue and soap opera. Glances and accusations fly wildly, but despite that, the police don't seem to suspect anyone.


Price information

395 SEK for a team.


If you do not have the opportunity to visit us at the Tourist Center, it is fine to swipe the payment and we will email you the code and information.

Contact us at Skellefteå Turistcenter info@visitskelleftea.se or tel. 0910-452510.