Kluredo a virtual murder mystery



This activity is in swedish.

Put on your detective hat and play our virtual Murder Mystery.

A Virtual Murder Mystery You work in small teams of 2-4 people and your "Detectives" will use a Kluredo app to navigate and search for a fixed location. (All places and witnesses can be found in Skellefteå Centrum).

How does it happen?
You will look for virtual witnesses, solve real-life challenges and eliminate both suspects and murder weapons to crack the case and expose the killer.
16 witnesses and 6 possible murder weapons. Most points win!

Kluredo is a fun and positive activity for everyone! The benefits are unlimited problem solving, a little physical training, motivation, creativity, and focus… Oh and a lot of laughs too!

The ticket is valid for 1 team. Max 6 platforms. It can most easily be described as a mix of a great Cluedo and Pokemon Go.

You buy your ticket at Skellefteå Tourist Center. Then it's up to you when you want to complete the "murder mystery".

Now there is a new kluredo murder in Glendale

Contact Skellefteå Tourist Center for more information

Price information

|Translated by Google translation|

SEK 395 for a team.


Come by, call or email Skellefteå Tourist Center and we will tell you more at info@visitskelleftea.se or tel. +46 (0) 910 452510.