Rent a cottage on Hamnskär

Byske, Skellefteå

Hamnskär is a popular excursion destination, thanks to its fantastic location with unobstructed views of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Hamnskär is located at the far end of Byskefjärden, next to the large Rommelsön. The island consists mainly of beautiful cliffs and clapper fields.

If you stand on the rocks and look east, the Bothnian Sea meets the sky far away on the horizon. A truly northern summer idyll!
Hamnskär, which is called Lotsskäret on the map, was previously a pilot station. Here you can dock at a floating bridge. If you do not have access to a boat, you can take a tour boat or boat taxi from Furuögrund's marina.
There is no running water on the island so you bring drinking water from the mainland. At one of the three barbecue areas, you cook your food, or in your own storm kitchen.

In the old pilothouse, you can rent a room with two beds and in the red cottage (annex) there are five beds divided into two rooms. There is no electricity and it is not possible to light a fire in the cottages, so in cold weather, it can be good to have a sleeping bag with you (duvets and pillows are available).
There is a wood-fired sauna, open to all with a fantastic view of the sea.
Unfortunately, there is a fire ban in the sauna at the moment, measures are in progress!

The guest brings their own bed linen, toilet paper, utensils, firewood, and water.

Garbage and great memories from your stay you take home!


  • Sauna
  • Dry toilet