Burehällorna, Sarasand and Kollostranden

Bureå, Skellefteå

These nature-idyllic areas with polished stone slabs and fine, bathing-friendly sandy beaches with reed ridges, surrounded by sparsely overgrown pine heaths, are popular as places to visit and meet. Both for boaters and car-borne visitors.

Burehällorna is a nature reserve with polished stones that go down into the sea. The outermost hob is called Trappman's hob. The soldier Trappman from Uttersjön sailed on the hob on a stormy autumn night in 1863. The boat sank and the man landed. But he froze to death and was found kneeling with his hands clasped in prayer. Lots of carvings on Burehällorna testify that they have been popular excursion destinations since the 1920s. The slabs are widely used for sunbathing and swimming and there is also a small sandy beach.

Sarasand southwest of Burehällorna is a nice bathing bay that is well worth a visit. There is access to a barbecue area and outdoor toilet.

Kollostranden got its name from a children's colony in Burvik which was conducted between the years 1938 and 2010. The children's colony is now closed and in relation to Sarasand, this beach is a few hundred meters further into the bay. There is a guest jetty with electricity, a sauna, an outdoor toilet, and barbecue areas.


  • Sauna
  • Guest harbour
  • Dry toilet
  • Beach
  • Swimming area
  • Nature reserve