The lighthouse on the island of Gåsören outside Skelleftehamn has guided seafarers since 1881. The 11-meter high lighthouse is built of wood and combined lighthouse with residential buildings for the lighthouse keeper and his family.

The lighthouse was designed by lighthouse engineer Nils Gustaf von Heidenstam. A new and automated concrete lighthouse was built in 1921 and the old lighthouse was extinguished. The lighthouse was dismantled and the building was taken over by the pilots. In 1904, Gåsören also became a pilot site. In 1968, the pilot site was closed down, but Gåsören has come to life again and is a popular destination and the pilot cabin can be booked for overnight stays.

Today, buildings and the surrounding area, including the harbor, are part of a protected area of particularly important cultural-historical value. In one of the boathouses, there is an exhibition about the island's history. The port area and parts of the island are adapted for accessibility.

To book a taxi boat, contact Nordisk Sjötaxi.


To book a sea taxi, contact Nordisk Sjötaxi.


  • Sauna
  • Guest harbour
  • Suitable for disabled persons
  • Historical Sight