Hitta Ut


From 19 May to 9 October in 2022, all Skellefteborg residents and visitors can take the chance to HITTAUT throughout our vast municipality and discover some of all the strawberry places we have close to us. And we really mean everyone - HITTAUT is available at 11 locations in the municipality with a total of 425 checkpoints to find out.

Last year, 4,300 people participated who together visited 150,000 checkpoints. A very common comment was: "A great way to find out, discover new places in the local area and get exercise for free". It costs nothing, easy to get started, either in the app "hittaut" or with a paper map that you pick up in the local store or at Skellefteå Turistcenter, Trädgårdsgatan 7 in central Skellefteå.

All information is available on the website https://www.orientering.se/provapaaktiviteter/hittaut/skelleftea/

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