Paintball in Adventurepark


Play paintball with us!
Paintball is the perfect activity for birthdays, company parties, kick-offs, bachelorette parties, and bridal parties, or just the family and group of friends who want a couple of hours of fun activities.

The recommended age from 12 years.

We play paintball on our forest course which is directly adjacent to Skellefteå Adventure Park.

You are equipped in our gunshop to then move to the pavilion adjacent to the track where all play is based.

All bookings include a standard paintball marker with 200 balls, a paintball mask, camouflage overalls, and at least one instructor /game leader. Bring your gloves.

The recommended age from 8 years.

The younger ones can also play paintball with us. There is also the opportunity to have a children's party with us. Check out this page!

Capture the flag
The game is that you have to take over to the opponent's side take their flag and then take you back to your base and at the same time you have to defend your flag when the opponent is looking for your flag.

  • Gatloppet
    A common part is bachelorette parties /bachelorette parties or birthdays. The person you are celebrating, often dressed in a pink rabbit suit, runs through the area where the others are lined up and tries to meet the runner.
  • Elimination
    It's about being the last player left. Played in teams and the team that had the last man standing won the game.
  • Center flag
    The flag is in the middle of the playing field. Each team must try to take it to the opponent's base. In this game, there are usually lively fighters around the middle flag.
  • Loadman standing
    This is usually the last game of the day. All players start from the middle of the court and on the game leader's signal, everyone has a few seconds to take cover. At the next signal, the game starts, all against all. The last player left on the field will be named the winner of the battle.


Contact information

Varuträsk 1
Phone: +46-91050040

E-mail: info@skellefteaadventurepar...

Opening hours

Bookable during spring, summer and autumn.

Price information

In all games included: Standard paintball marker, paintball mask, camouflage overall, and at least one instructor/game master. Bring your gloves.


Full equipment, 2 hours of playtime, 200 balls 350 SEK per person


  • 100 extra balls +50 SEK
  • Tippmann Stormer Elite +50 SEK

All prices are per participant and include VAT. Additions are paid on-site with a card or cash.


Recommended age from 9 years old.

Full equipment, 1 hour of playtime, unlimited balls 250 SEK per person


Kids party package +100 SEK


From Skellefteå center, take road 95 towards Bodö. After about 10km you turn off the first exit towards Varuträsk. After a couple of hundred meters, you are there. Signposted Skellefteå Adventure Park at exit road 95.