The path of health


Hälsans Stig is a popular promenade along the river in central Skellefteå. The seven-kilometer-long walking trail runs along the river bank from Älvsbackabron in the east to Lejonströmsbron in the west. The Health Path can be used by everyone. Here you can walk, go pole vaulting or jog during the summer.


At every kilometer there are signs in both directions. Therefore, you know how far you have come no matter where you choose to start and end.

Along the loop there are overview maps. You can also download maps with information and fishing tips at the Tourist Center.

The Health Path is most suitable for exercise during the summer.

Here you can see a map of Hälsans Stig's route. NOTE! This is a map of the old route. We will replace this as soon as possible. The new one runs between Lejonströmsbronand Älvsbackabron.

Skellefteå Hembygdsförening has produced the booklet Sevärt along the path of health. You can buy the booklet via Skellefteå Hembygsförening's website here (information at the bottom of the page) . Skellefteå Museum has developed a digital version of the booklet, which you can find here on Google Maps .