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Byske, Skellefteå

Paintball all year round is the perfect experience for groups of friends, company parties, kick-offs, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and others who want to spend a day on perfect safety, strategy, heroism, and close contact with the nature of Swedish Lapland.

Paintball is basically a simple idea. Teams are set against teams and armed with so-called markers that shoot color balls, and then it is important to mark players in the opposing team. Very simple, and immensely fun. This is our most common warm-up game, then there are different more or less intense games to choose from.

Feel free to combine your visit with food from one of our menus or why not spend a while after your booking at our cozy and scenic barbecue area. Here you can relax with good food and brag about winnings and heroic feats. If you also want to combine Paintball with our other activities, it also works well. You can choose between everything from 3-fight to glorious gladiator and sumo matches.


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