All-around with Flashpoint

Byske, Skellefteå

A real scoop of competitive instinct and a lot of team spirit is needed when you challenge each other in an exciting all-around match. We have many disciplines to choose from when we put together a pentathlon that suits you in terms of time frame, challenge, number of participants, etc. How about blowpipes, sumo wrestling, archery, etc.?

We can also bake in other challenges in the pentathlon and thus put together combination packages. For example, you can replace the last branch with a round of paintball or airsoft, or perhaps a final measurement of strength in the gladiator arena.

You also get access to fireplaces for grilling and general coziness, and if you want to invest a little more in eating and socializing, we have a café with a kitchen where we can offer everything from simple coffee to hearty dinners.

Below you will find a small selection of our most popular branches with everything from obstacle course to cast ax. Note, however, that this is only a small selection from our long list of activities to choose from when booking your day with us.


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