Restaurant Mandel


Here, as a guest, you experience an interior in stylish and timeless design. The somewhat pared-down Scandinavian style cut has expressed itself in color choice and shape.

The almond potato's journey from southern Sweden to above the Lapland border since centuries has given the name to our restaurant.

White Guide has named Restaurant Mandel as the best restaurant in Skellefteå.

In our hearts is the love for the Norrlands and our local products.
Sami/Västerbotten-inspired food that is specific to our region is presented on the plate at Restaurant Mandel.
We believe in cooperation with local merchants and producers, both in terms of local food but also wine and beer. Västerbotten's fine pantry enables us to work only with the very best ingredients that come from our region.

The closeness and care for our guests also appears in our vision of service, food enjoyment and community. At MANDEL, the atmosphere is relaxed and here it is just as suitable to have a breakfast meeting, a lunch as to take an AW or to have dinner.

A warm welcome to MANDEL!

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