Winter bath in Örviken

Örviken, Skellefteå

Winter bathing is not only good for your health, but it's also really fun! In the evening, we switch on the underwater lighting for the optimal bathing experience. With us, there is always a cold wake, a hot sauna, a fire, and hot coffee.

Regardless of which solution suits you best, a bathing guide is always included that keeps the sauna warm, the fire alive and offers freshly brewed coffee.

A quick dip package 

  • Perfect for those who want to try winter swimming. You arrive at a hot sauna and can jump in the water.
  • The sauna holds about 4 people and you have access to the area for 2 hours.
  • Suitable for a group of about 2-8 people, depending on whether you can imagine taking turns in the sauna.
  • Of course, there is a fire and seating adjacent to the sauna if you want to warm up outside or want to grill a sausage.

Bath with boathouse 

  • You arrive at a hot sauna and can jump in the water.
  • We heat up the old cozy boathouse that can accommodate 20 people sitting at long tables. Bring your own food or let us arrange catering. A guaranteed cozy day!
  • We don't skimp on either marshals or oil lamps on the ice and the wake is illuminated with underwater lamps.
  • Suitable for about 10 people if they have the patience to wait for a place in the sauna. Otherwise, we will arrange another sauna at an additional cost.
  • Access to the area for 4 hours