RUFF Skellefteå


Welcome to Sweden's most beautiful golf club for indoor golf

Taking golf from golf courses can be seen as a bit of a sin, we know. Therefore, we at RUFF chose to give our TrackMan 4 simulators an indoor environment and the overall experience indoor golf deserves. The result? A really nice golf lounge Sweden has never seen before - RUFF.

We care about the details.
Some would call us picky, but for us, it is a matter of course. RUFF stands for golf experiences beyond the ordinary and we love to exceed our visitors' expectations. Let's explain how.

For the game in a simulator environment to be experienced as realistic and for you as a golfer to feel comfortable, the technology and the environment are absolutely crucial. In addition to all our facilities being equipped with the latest TrackMan simulators, our cages are quite large in both width, height and depth. On the walls they all sit the most durable tarpaulins, the best projectors on the market hang from the ceiling, and under your feet are artificial turf of the highest quality. All for a world-class game.

But as we so often want to emphasize, a visit to RUFF is not just about experiencing golf. It's just as much about socializing, community and well-being. We have therefore designed all our facilities as cozy golf lounges, equipped and furnished with all the amenities that may be needed. In addition, our service desk is always staffed and here you can order both food and drink, borrow golf equipment and get help navigating TrackMan's simulators.

A golf lounge where you can feel at home

  • 6 Trackman Simulators
  • Lounge
  • Free parking
  • Food
  • Loan clubs

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