Chamber nr 394 in Bonnstan is open

Bonnstan, Skellefteå

During three Wednesdays this summer, Skellefteå Museum is open in Bonnstadskammare no. 304. Welcome in and hear the museum's archivist Jörgen tell more about the chamber and the history of Bonnstan.

Bonnstan dates back to the 17th century, and was used as a place to stay by the parishioners who lived far outside the city. Here you could meet relatives and friends who lived in other villages, and there are many stories of young men who wandered around Bonnstan on weekend evenings to find love.

During three Wednesdays this summer, the museum's archivist Jörgen Andersson will be present in the chamber. Take the opportunity to ask questions about Bonnstan and hear Jörgen tell more about the history of the chamber!

On the same Wednesdays, there is also the chance to follow Jörgen on a cultural-historical walk, where he talks about the area. We meet at 12 at the museum's stairs on Nordanå and walk together to the Bonnstad chamber. Free of charge and no registration required.


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