Hermansson's Bakery

Burvik, Skellefteå

Unique Country Bakery was Founded in 1951 by Paul and Margareta Hermansson in Burvik, a village by the sea outside Skellefteå. Run today by daughter Ulla Katarina Hermansson in the same classic way.

Hermanssons Bakery is known for its signature bread; Burvikskakan, but also "star and pistachio buns" are popular pastries. We bake both coarse food bread, sweet buns, and butter crusts.

For parties, we make classic cream cakes and sandwich cakes according to your wishes.

We have a bakery, Sommarcafe, and ice cream shop with opening hours

We are often present at the REKO-ring in Skellefteå and also have our bakery in Burvik open for pick-up of steaming fresh bread (see updated opening hours advertised in the Facebook group ).

Cakes can be ordered all year round on tel. 0910-782005

Contact us for details or questions.
Warm welcome!

Katarina Hermansson
Burvik 160
93291 Bureå