Winter bath in Stackgrönnan


Swimming outdoors in winter has shown good health effects. Studies claim that winter bathers, among other things, have lower blood pressure, withstand the cold better, and become more stress-resistant - not to mention all the endorphins that get a rush of joy after a winter dip.

EVENTUAL MEETINGS: Sundays in Stackgrönnan.

ATTENTION! Join the Facebook group Vinterbad in Skellefteå where they post information about meeting for winter bathing.

In theory, it might not sound like the best of ideas. A winter bath. To only undress when the thermometer reads -20 degrees goes against all human common sense. But once you discover that it's not so dangerous to bob around among sleet and ice crystals, that rush of happiness comes and settles like warm cotton around your heart - and the risk is that you become a winter bather for life.

Tips and advice


  • Normal swimwear that you use when swimming in a bathhouse. 
  • A bathrobe or a large bathing sheet to protect your body when moving between the dressing rooms to the swimming spot. 
  • Warm hat. 
  • Big shoes that are easy to put on when your feet are wet. Something even better is bath shoes which you can wear all the way from the dressing rooms, during the bath and afterwards (Crocs). 
  • You can use gloves made out of neoprene, but it is not necessary. 


  • Since the 27th of November 2016, the Association has had its swimming spot right next to Café Kajutan in Stackgrönnan, Skellefteå. In Stackgrönnan, we have a service house with dressing rooms, showers, and toilets. These are separate for men and women. We do however have a gender-shared sauna and relaxation room. 
  • The swimming spot itself is in Skellefteälven. By the dock next to the Café Kajutan is a sturdy ladder made of wood, attached to a floating pier. In order for you to have the opportunity to practice for the Winter Swim, we usually saw up a 3x10 (meter) hole. 
  • The distance between the dressing rooms and the hole is 100 meters. 
  • During open hours, the association’s officials are available to inform you of winter swimming and also be there as support by the swimming spot. 
  • The swimming spot is very close to the place where the river floats into the sea and the swimming spot is affected by the sea level, which means that the distance to the bottom varies. 
  • In the position of the ladder, you will most likely not hit the bottom. The current is not very strong in the hole, but during certain conditions, the current can be felt. 
  • The water is usually somewhere between +0.1 to +1 degrees Celsius. 

Before bathing: 

  • We do not recommend that you use the sauna before swimming since it strains the body more than if you do it after. 
  • Feel free to warm up before the swim with some physical activity, such as taking a fast-paced walk or doing physical exercises. 
  • Depending on the cold air, wind and moisture can feel colder or less cold when walking between the dressing rooms and the hole. Your daily fitness is also a factor. 
  • Do feel free to tell us if there is something we need to know. It can be anxiety, or that you have certain habits when winter swimming, or any conditions that you might have. 


Dark & Cold friends organize courses in winter swimming around Skellefteå and are also organizers of Winter swimming.