Birdwatching in Innerviksfjärden


See resting birds such as curlew, heather piping plovers, blue marsh hawks, short-eared owl, common kestrel, Bean Goose, Greylag Goose, teals, puffins and many species of waders. Peregrine falcon, White-tailed Eagle, Great Egret and white stork have also been observed.

Bird watching towers is located at southern Innervikfjärden, east of the parking lot, and at Åvikskärret, northwest of the parking lot. Öberget, east of Norra Innervikfjärden, provides a centrally located natural vantage point.

No trespassing outside the paths April 1–July 15

In order to protect resting and nesting birds, you may not go off marked paths between April 1 and July 15 in parts of the reserve. Bird towers may also be used during this time.


Welcome to visit the Innervik fjords. Please note that it is not allowed to:

  • During the period April 1 – July 15 stay within parts of the area at Åvikskärret, and that during the period April 1 – May 31 stays within parts of the area at southern Innervikfjärden, see marked areas in the map Pdf, 2.9 MB. .
  • Deliberately disturbing wildlife.
  • Remove or disturb nesting site.
  • Fell, break branches or damage dead and living trees.
  • Forward boat at a speed greater than seven knots.