Birdwatching Gärdefjärden


Gärdefjärden is an important resting place for birds during the spring and autumn migration. Hundreds of swans, swimming ducks and diving ducks rest in the early open wakes. The most common are mallards, american wigeons, teals, tufted ducks and common goldeneye, but rarer species such as northern pintail and smew are also quite common.


Many geese and cranes often graze in the fields next to the lake. There are also plenty of European Golden Plovers, ruffs, redshanks and curlew in the reserve. Western Marsh Harrier and osprey regularly hunt over the bay. Mallard, Common Goldeneye, teal and tuffted ducks nest in Gärdefjärden, as well as rarer species such as little gull, Red-necked Grebe and Short-eared Owl. Rarities such as Common Pochards and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker are occasionally seen.


Welcome to visit Gärdefjärden. Please note that it is not allowed to:

  • During the period 1 April–15 May stay within area A Pdf, 1.7 MB. with no trespassing except on the road to Gärde, on the path over Långängena between Lövånger and Gärde and in connection with agriculture and forestry.
  • During the period 1 April–15 July stay in area B Pdf, 1.7 MB. with no trespassing except on the road to Gärde and in connection with the care and supervision of grazing animals.
  • Disturb animal life, for example by deliberatelydisturb nesting and resting birds.
  • Bring an unleash dog or other loose pet, with the exception of using a dog in connection with hunting.
  • Damage the ground or vegetation, including dead, standing and lying trees.
  • Put up a board, placard, poster, sign, inscription and similar device.
  • Driving a motorized vehicle other than on an existing road with exception land for the transport of fallen game, snowmobiling in winter on snow-covered, well-tiled ground and using agricultural and forestry machinery.