Bird watching Bjurö club


The lighthouse at Bjuröklubb offers very good migratory bird watching. Mainly during April, large numbers of birds of prey, cranes, swans, geese and small birds pass by on their way north. On good days, 10,000s to 100,000s of terns (small birds) may pass by the lighthouse. The best location for seals is cloudy weather and weak northerly winds. For birds of prey and cranes, sunny weather and light southwest winds are best.

From the beginning of May, the viewing focus shifts to the Grundskatan cape. Several thousand loons, common scoters, alfalfas and other seabirds can pass here.


Welcome to visit Bjuröklubb. Please note that it is not allowed to:

  • Disturbing wildlife by, for example, taking close-up photographs of bird nests.
  • Do not bring a leashed dog or other loose pet.
  • Make fires other than in specially designated places.
  • Forward the motor drivevehicles other than on designated roads and trails.
  • Park other than in specially designated places.
  • Breaking branches, felling or otherwise damaging living or dead trees and shrubs, taking seeds and damaging the vegetation and other things, for example by digging up herbs, grass, mosses or lichens.
  • Tent or set up a caravan other than in specially designated places Link to other website. .