Drink the well - a storytelling walk in the sign of health

Nordanå, Skellefteå

Tickets are released in June year 2024!

Note! The guided tour is in Swedish!

During the 16th century, it became popular in Europe to visit spas and drink springwater as a cure. People would travel to Bath, Baden Baden, Karlsbad, and other health resorts. In the 1820s water spas started being found in the north of Sweden and in 1825 Skellefteå's well and bath establishment was founded. During this guided tour you will learn more about the tradition of drinking from water springs and water as a cure for diseases. The tour is in Swedish.

The guide is Pernilla Lindström from Skellefteå Museum. 

The organizer is Skellefteå municipality in collaboration with Skellefteå museum, Visit Skellefteå and some enthusiasts.

All hikes are at your own risk.

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Price information

155 SEK when buying at Skellefteå Tourist Center.

175 SEK when buying online at www.ticketmaster.se


Tickets will be sold at Skellefteå Tourist center +46 (0) 910 45 25 10 and ticketmaster.se

Advance purchase only.

The storytelling walk takes about 1 hour.

Maximum 20 places, it is possible. to increase in places if interest exists.