Nordanå, Skellefteå

Nordanå is a scenic culture and open-air recreation area near the centre of Skellefteå. The area has a long history and has been used as a market and exercise area. The hilly terrain, historic buildings, bird ponds and proximity to Skellefteå River give the park a very special character.

Today, the Nordanå area is used for a range of different activities, including festivals, summer theatre and a Christmas market. There is also a large, newly built playground for children of all ages.

The area includes Nordanågården Värdshus (restaurant), built in 1869 as a residence for the sawmill manager JTB Sidén. Next to the restaurant, there is a row of outbuildings that now contains an inviting country shop with a café. The major’s residence Nyborg is a beautiful, historic building from 1764 built in its current location as a military residence. Next to Nyborg is Kågegården, a well-preserved, old-style farmhouse from the late 18th century that was moved from Kåge to Nordanå In 1928.

A lovely rambling area starts out from Nordanå and follows the Skellefteå River. It passes several historic places, including Bonnstan, Skellefteå’s Church Village with 116 houses and a history dating from the 17th century. The present church is a classic cruciform church completed in 1800 and one of Sweden’s biggest country churches. A little further on, the Lejonströmsbron Bridge, Sweden’s oldest wooden bridge, crosses Skellefteå River.

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