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Multi-award winning singer-songwriter Amanda Ginsburg is back with her third album! On ”Tur att vi kan strakta” she once again invites the listener to her well-turned and swinging melodic jazz in Swedish, but the listener can also sense a sour self-distance in the middle of the warm and everyday considerations.

- The world lacks heat. The world is no laughing matter. One way to create warmth is to laugh together. Maybe then it is especially important to look each other in the eye and laugh with each other? I often spend time with my weaknesses and it is by bringing them into the light, through self-distance and humor, that I can process and reconcile with them and myself.

Together with her squire Filip Ekestubbe (piano) and the Danish musicians Snorre Kirk (drums) and Anders Fjeldsted (double bass), Amanda invites the audience to an evening of warmth, a little melancholy and a lot of humor.

- Laughing is one of the most disarming things there is. I hope we will laugh together!

Acclaimed and beloved singer Amanda Ginsburg has taken a wide audience by storm with her music. The debut album "I have thought about something" was released in 2018. The following year she received a Grammy, and in the fall of 2020 the second album "I det lilla händer det mesta" came out, which won her another Grammy in the Jazz of the Year category.

Amanda manages the legacy of some of Sweden's most beloved Swedish singers and songwriters – Olle Adolphson, Monica Zetterlund and Beppe Wolgers – while using her unmistakable voice and quiet swing to create melodies that linger, taking the listener on unexplored musical paths. Since the breakthrough, Amanda Ginsburg has participated in Allsång på Skansen, SVT's National Day celebration, Nyhetsmorgon, Doobidoo and På Spåret. She has also received several prizes and scholarships, e.g. Sweden's composers/lyricist's Jazz Prize, the latter with the justification:

“There is an echo of our legendary jazz singers in her music. She has the ability to create new and extremely charming songs that allow themselves to be inspired by their history, but that speak with a voice all their own.”

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Before the concert, The Wood Hotel by Elite serves drinks and light snacks in the South foyer.
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