Skellefteå - a highlight in Swedish Lapland

In the north of Sweden lies Skellefteå, the perfect mix of city life, the coast and the wilderness. There's no end to the possibilities and experiences here, no matter what type of interest you have. You can eat a gourmet meal made with local (and so so yummy) ingredients, see the northern lights dance in the sky and sleep in an old light house - all in the same night! Sounds to good to be true? Well, it's not. It's the Skellefteå experience.

A Skellefteå for everyone

We have something for everyone in our coastal town in northern Sweden. For the one seeking adventure, or the ones wanting to spend a calm night in a 300 year old buidling. For those wanting to try reindeer for dinner, or lingonberries. For those longing to discover a forgotten past. 

Welcome to Skellefteå, and your northern adventure.