Discover Skellefteå with us

In the north of Sweden lies Skellefteå, the perfect mix of city life, the coast and the wilderness. There's no end to the possibilities and experiences here, no matter what type of interest you have. You can eat a gourmet meal made with local (and so so yummy) ingredients, see the northern lights dance in the sky and sleep in an old light house - all in the same night! Sounds to good to be true? Well, that's the Skellefteå experience.

A Skellefteå for everyone

Swedish lapland can be a mysterious place to visit, with it's long dark winters and bright summer nights. With the northern lights dancing in the sky all through the winter months, glowing in shades of green and purple. You'll find Skellefteå by the coast, close to both the ocean and the never ending deep woods. It's a place to visit when you can't decide exactly what area you want to go. Here, you get both the wild forests and the calm sea. Explore the northern lights and the bright summer nights. The scandinavian nature, asking you to come for a hike or a bike ride, maybe even a kayak trip on the rivers. The thriving city centre with fine dining and White guide experiences, top hotels and butiques to get lost in. 


Skellefteå has something for everyone, and offers you places to go to and explore. Places with views over the ocean, or views from the top of a mountain. Skellefteå is also close to everything, there are no distances here in Swedish Lapland. You can explore the scaninavian coast during the day and spend the night in a cabin deep into the woods. You don't have to choose when you visit Skellefteå. 

My Home Town

Do you recognize the song? It is a Swedish version of "My Home Town" - a song by the Skellefteå's band The Wannadies from 1990. It is created by Johan Nilsson (producer), Mika Sundqvist (vocals) and Elin Lindström (guitar). The whole song is available on Spotify!