Spöken på rymmen!

Hall Nordanå, Skellefteå


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SEK 70, including service fee
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In the castle there are Mischievous Harriet, Clumsy Knut and Little Skraj. But really, there are only two ghosts you need to be afraid of.

Little Skraj is so small that it is mostly he who is afraid. For almost everything. He usually lives in the porter's bag. The ghosts must never escape from the castle, because imagine what would happen if they got out to the rest of us. They would scare the life out of both children and adults. But... ghosts don't really exist. Or?

Pygméteatern's Spöken på rymmen is a playful, cozy performance with puppets, people and music.

From 3 years.

Duration of the performance: 35 min

Saturday 27 April at 2 p.m
Hallen, Nordanå

Tickets SEK 70, service fee included, sold via Skellefteå Turistcenter, 0910-45 25 10 and ticketmaster.se

Arr: Department of Culture and Libraries

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SEK 70, including service fee