Guided snowmobile tours

Robertsfors, Skellefteå

Join us at Robertsfors Rental on guided snowmobile tours in the beautiful Robertsfors.

We ride in varying terrain, with lakes, hills, forests and even down to the frozen sea. Herds of reindeer are on winter pasture in the forests around Robertsfors and can often be seen while snowmobiling. No snowmobile experience is needed to go on a guided tour, we adapt the tour to your skill level. We do a snowmobile introduction with safety instructions and some practice driving before heading out. We do a 1.5h tour where we first do some practice and then drive a tour in some nice terrain. We have longer tours where you get to see more varying terrain and we stop and have a campfire and some coffey. If you like fishing we also arrange longer ice fishing trips to lakes or to the sea.