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Accessibility-friendly city orientation along the Skellefteå River!

Explore the picturesque surroundings of the Skellefteå River and centuries of wooden architecture. Träbroarna runt (The Wooden Bridges Circuit) span from the nearly 300-year-old Lejonström Bridge in the west, passing through Skellefteå's historic church town Bonnstan and the cultural area of Nordanå, to the modern Älvsbacka Bridge in the east.

Pick up your physical map at Skellefteå Tourist Center, download the PDF here, or download the Hittaut app from the App Store or Google Play.

From May 17th to October 13th

About Träbroarna runt (The Wooden Bridges Circuit)

Träbroarna runt (The Wooden Bridges Circuit) offers a delightful and easily accessible city tour encompassing both the old and new parts of Skellefteå. The entire route is approximately 7 km long. Shorter walks can also be enjoyed by utilizing the Park Bridge and Victoria Bridge.

At checkpoint 1, you'll encounter public art in the form of the poignant piece "Gzim and the Frozen Lake." Take a moment to appreciate our beautiful City Park and the area along the riverbank.

Checkpoints 2, 3, 4, and 5 provide insights into Skellefteå's history through the Nordanå cultural area (2) and the historic church town Bonnstan (3). Then, cross the bridge to Kyrkholmen (4), where you can enjoy a coffee at the charming summer café, passing by the majestic Parish Church dating back to the 1300s and the Granaries (5) bearing bullet holes from the 1809 war. The Lejonström Bridge from 1737, between checkpoints 5 and 6, stands as Sweden's oldest preserved wooden bridge. Here, in 1809, the Swedish army was compelled to retreat, and the Russians established their headquarters in the rectory, the elegant manor building opposite the Parish Church.

Beyond checkpoint 6, you'll encounter the modern Skellefteå. Crossing the bridge over the Skellefte River leads you away from the riverbank to checkpoint 7. Proceed to Campus Skellefteå (8), where the Arctic Center of Energy (ACE) is under construction. ACE is a globally leading center for the electrification of society. The Älvsbacka Bridge (9) is our stunning wooden pedestrian and cycle bridge, glowing like gold in the evening sun. Manhem Quay (10) offers a pleasant spot to rest for those who desire it.


Participants who register all 10 checkpoints on Träbroarna runt (The Wooden Bridges Circuit) will have the chance to win Skellefteå products in three draws throughout the season. Seize the opportunity to discover the charming wooden bridges and riverbanks of Skellefteå.
Date of draw:
July 1st
August 15th
October 14th

What is Hittaut?

Hittaut is a free wellness activity where, using a map (in paper or through the app), you locate checkpoints. Checkpoints, placed in urban environments, parks, residential areas, and forests near towns, are available in four different difficulty levels.

Hittaut is accessible round the clock during the summer season, allowing you to venture out whenever convenient. You can partake alone or with others, choosing to walk, run, cycle, or use another mode of transport.

In Skellefteå, Hittaut is available at 15 locations, featuring a total of 425 checkpoints. To get started and discover more checkpoints beyond those in the Wooden Bridges Circuit, use the "Hittaut" app or obtain a paper map from local stores or the Skellefteå Tourist Center in central Skellefteå.

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