Opens at 11:00

Café på bit


Welcome to our café! Enjoy our homemade pastries and a variety of options for those with allergies. For those who are extra hungry, we also offer meals like taco plates and different types of focaccias.

We have consoles ranging from 8-bit classics to the latest models, with over 2000 unique titles to choose from. Additionally, we have a 100m² arcade hall filled with pinball machines, arcade games, car simulators, air hockey, dance machines, and Virtual Reality.

We also sell video games if you prefer to play at home. We deal a lot in used games, but you can also find new titles here. Furthermore, we have a wide range of consoles and accessories for sale.

Contact information

Nygatan 28
93131 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-70653733


Opening hours

  1. Today11:00-20:00
  2. Monday11:00-20:00
  3. Tuesday11:00-22:00
  4. Wednesday11:00-22:00
  5. Thursday11:00-22:00
  6. Friday11:00-22:00
  7. Saturday11:00-22:00