Skelleftehamn / Ursviken lighted track | 1,7 km - 7,2 km

Skelleftehamn's and Ursviken's lighted track is maintained by Friluftsfrämjandet's local branch in Skelleftehamn. By combining different loops and a detour, it is possible to ski anywhere from 1.7 to 7.2 km. The large loop is 4.3 km long and its official start is at the water tower in Skelleftehamn. However, it is also possible to start from Yttre Ursviken at Harrbäcksandsvägen and at Maruänget in Skelleftehamn. There are several nice slopes for a varied tour.

Length: 1,7, 4,3 eller 7,2 km
Difficulty: Easy, hilly
Lighting: Yes
Maintained byFriluftsfrämjandet Skelleftehamn