Your guide to Jörn

Jörn has always offered untamed wilderness and today you will find a wide selection of wilderness activities in its surroundings. Storklinta ski resort has long been a popular destination. Jörn also offers guided scooter tours, moose safaris, dog sledding and many other activities with a close-to-nature feel. Exclusive accommodation is available at the newly opened Jörn Experience Hotel with a consistent sustainability approach.

Accommodations in Jörn

In Jörn you'll find unique accommodation close to nature. Choose between staying in a newly built modern hotel with proximity to a spa and restaurant, or staying in a cabin without electricity and running water in the middle of the wilderness. Many guides also offer accommodation linked to their activities.

Freedom to roam

The Swedish freedom to roam is fantastic! It makes it possible for everyone to practice outdoor life and move freely and easily in nature, but it also places certain demands on those who visit it. Read more about the possibilities and obligations of the right of public access here.