The legacy of a meeting or event

Valuable knowledge is created through events and meetings. It broadens our knowledge and adds unique competence. When a meeting or event is held in Skellefteå, eyes are focused on us and contributes to an opportunity to profile ourselves in the areas we want to highlight, which in the long run can contribute with competence and talent attraction.

We can increase the effects by thinking ahead about what we want to achieve with the meeting or event, and look at the effects in the short and long term and in several important sectors of society.

What we do around the event and the meeting together with organizers and local forces provides added value for everyone. For you as an organizer, for the local business community and many more.

Maybe you as an organizer need someone to think with? We are here for you. Just get in touch with us! No question is too small or too big. We are here to help you and your organization.


Stina Renström
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Maria Rautio
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Examples of imprints of meetings held in Skellefteå