Experience Europe's longest birch parkway

Burträsk, Skellefteå

The fact that Sweden’s – and Europe’s – longest parkway runs along a country road in Västerbotten is not that commonly known. Visit a parkway in the same class as those in front of the castles and large mansions in the southern parts of the country, except up here in Norrland in Bygdeträsk and next to small Buträsk.

The birch parkway, which is almost 10 km long, was planted in the 1930s and runs through the beautiful villages of Bygdeträsk, Kvarnbyn, and Avaborg. The parkway is intertwined with another birch parkway via Grannäs in the village of Innansjön, which makes it a total of 16 km in length at Stora Bygdeträsket and around Göksjön lake. The cultural environment along the parkways is classified as a National Interest by the Swedish National Heritage Board. 

Experience the beautiful cultural landscape on foot or by bike. You can also drive by car, as long as you take it really slow. The view on offer is too exquisite to just race by. Be in awe of the 1,000 or so birch trees that stand proudly along the parkway and listen to the murmuring of a warm breeze blowing through the birch leaves. Colloquially, the place is called the Golden Road of a Thousand Birches and you will undoubtedly agree.

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