Skellefteå - City walk 30 minutes


Do you have a moment over then get out on this city tour. 
Here you will see, among other things, the "outside room" beside the Skellefteå River. Once upon a time, you could find a steam brewery that was Skellefteå's oldest industry at that exact place.
You walk towards the quay and on to the "Rosa hus" where you will find a café that has existed since the 50s. Pass through the city church of Saint Olov, which was inaugurated in the 1920s, before passing the pedestrian street back towards the center. Last but not least, you walk past the statue Oden woman, who was called the "resting woman" and was built in 1956 by an Austrian artist who worked on designing gold products in our own Gold Town Skellefteå.



Starting place Skellefteå Tourist Center: Here you will find brochures, buy tickets to events, local profile products, handmade souvenirs, and get inspiration for your stay.

Stadsparken: Skellefteåscity park is a green oasis in the middle of the city that invites both relaxation and activities. The park was nominated for several awards and in 2016 was awarded a silver in the European Garden Award. 

Älvsbrinken: Älvsbrinken has been developed into an urban space with a mix of café and restaurant life, cultural activities, play, sports, and recreation that are close to the water. 

Strandgatan: Follow the river to the left east, pass Victoria Bridge, and continue forward towards the quay. 

 Manhemskajen Älvsbacka: Skellefteå's central boat quay. Perhaps this quay will in the future become a small marine center with café and outdoor seating. 

Ainas Café: A cozy café from the '50s, here you buy daily fresh and locally produced fig bread /food bread. 

Stadskyrkan Sankt Olov: One of Skellefteå's open churches that can accommodate up to 500 people and built in the early 1900s. 

Odentorget/Odenkvinnan: A statue from 1954, by an Austrian artist. The statue was named "dormant woman" but in public is called the Oden Woman. 

Endpoint Skellefteå Tourist Center:

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This city walk takes about 30 minutes to walk and is accessibility adapted.

For more information: Skellefteå Tourist Center