Skellefteå - 4 hours City walk


This hike is suitable for those who want to see some of the old Skellefteå and get the opportunity to explore future Skellefteå. You go for a walk where you get to see many beautiful parts of Skellefteå. Both new and old.


Starting place Skellefteå Tourist Center: Here you will find brochures, buy tickets for events, local profile products, souvenirs and get inspiration for your stay.

Kulturhuset Sara: In 2021, the gates of what is expected to be the world's tallest wooden building and northern Sweden's new landmark will be opened. A unique and dynamic meeting point that combines culture and entertainment with meetings, in direct connection with a new premium hotel, culinary tasting experiences, spas, and varied scenes for events.

TGN The Great Northern: The Great Northern is an innovation house in northern Sweden. A collaborative group that strives to find new ways to make a difference and to help each other develop.
Stadskyrkan Sankt Olov: One of Skellefteå's open churches that can accommodate up to 500 people and built in the early 1900s.

Continue straight on Östra Nygatan
Turn right on Varvsgatan

Ainas Café: A cozy café from the '50s, here you buy daily fresh and locally produced fig bread /food bread.

Älvsbackabron: The Nordic's longest oblique bridge built in wood and the Nordic's longest wooden bridge in a span for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Binds the districts of Anderstorp and the river slope.

Älvspromenaden/Riverwalk: Continue on the boardwalk during the E4, you can walk up to the Campus or continue along the river until you reach the park bridge. (Parkbron) Continue along the river on the boardwalk and you will soon reach an outdoor gym on the left.

Lejonströmsbron: The bridge was completed in 1737 and is Sweden's oldest wooden bridge still in use.

Landskyrkan: Here stood Skellefteå's first wooden church in the 1300s. Now, the Land Church is said to be one of the largest land churches in Sweden. The exterior of the church is almost unchanged, but the interior has changed character several times.

Church town of Bonnstan: One of Sweden's living church towns. Found since the 1600s.

Nordanå cultural area: Nordanå is an area where culture and nature meet. Here you will find a café, inn, playground, art halls, and museum. There is also the Nordanåteatern where different types of performances are arranged.

SkellefteaMuseum /Nordanå bar and café: Today the area is a green oasis near the city center. The western part still belongs to the church, while the Nordanå area is full of historical buildings.

Lanthandeln: Lanthandeln is a cozy cafe with a small shop where you can sit down for a while and feel the wings of history.

Nordanågården Inn: Nice inn where you can eat many good meals made from local produce.

Nordanå Playground: Nordanå playground is for all ages and adapted for the disabled. The park reflects the history of Skellefteå - mines, the river, the sea, and the forest. There are mountains to crawl in, a mini forest, jetties, and a large toy ship.

The Exploratory: Skellefteå Science Center
Here you will find exhibition environments where you experiment with technology and science. It's total800 square meters of exhibition space with exhibitions and interactive experiments.



City park: Skellefteå's city park is a green oasis in the middle of the city that invites both relaxation and activities. The park was nominated for several awards and in 2016 was awarded a silver in the European Garden Award.

Terminal station Skellefteå Tourist Center: Here you will find brochures, buy tickets for events, local profile products, and souvenirs and get inspiration for your stay.

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The city walk takes about 4 hours to walk and is accessibility adapted.