Sillhällorna - Bjuröklubb

Lövånger, Skellefteå

Sillhällorna is a part of Västerbotten's largest rock field area. The name probably originated from the time when herring was dried on the site. Today, it attracts many visitors, and is very popular with photographers, due to its beautiful rock formations and unique landscapes.

Here, inland ice progress is clear and a number of grounds outside Sillhällorna, are today to some extent visible above the water surface. This is due to the land uplift. Here you will find by following the hiking trail that goes from the radio towers at the exit to Jungfrugraven. This is where you will find the mermaid who watches over passing seafarers, a degree project by attribute maker student Sofia Viklund.

During the summer, this is a popular destination, a perfect combination of warm cliffs and cooling dip in the sea. During the winter when the ice is thick, ice fishing is something that attracts visitors, as there is plenty of whitefish in the area. The beautiful landscape and the changing of the seasons make the place worth visiting all year round, especially for those interested in photography.


  • Hiking trail
  • Swimming area
  • Historical Sight
  • Nature reserve