Halsön & Romelsön


South of Furuögrund are the islands Halsön and Romelsön. Both are very popular excursion destinations for those with access to a boat. During the summer months, it is also possible to book a sea taxi to the islands.

Halsön, like several other islands in the Gulf of Bothnia archipelago, has a history linked to the sawmill industry. At the end of the 19th century, there was a steam saw on the island. On Halsön, the Byske boat club has its clubhouse with porch, electricity, and summer water. There is also a barbecue area, wood-fired sauna, and outhouse. Below the sauna is a small sandy beach. Here you can borrow canoes and windsurfing boards without sails for play. The guest pier has about 30 seats. There is also a defibrillator.

Romelsön dates back to the Viking Age. Archaeological finds, including house foundations, a belt fitting, and a stone labyrinth, show that the island was populated and an important center for fishing and seal hunting already in the Viking Age. In 1652, Queen Kristina gave Romelsön fishing rights for the city of Piteå, which still owns the island despite being geographically located in Skellefteå municipality. The nature of Romelsön is very varied with sandy beaches, cobblestone fields, cliffs, pines, coastal spruce forest, and a couple of larger lakes and ponds. Sandviken on the island is a popular sandy beach where smaller boats can land, with a barbecue area and outhouse.


To book a sea taxi, contact Nordisk Sjötaxi .


  • Sauna
  • Guest harbour
  • Dry toilet
  • Swimming area
  • Defibrillator