Fishing license


In Skellefteå, there are great fishing opportunities in rivers as well as lakes and seas. 

Fishing licenses for all fisheries conservation areas in Skellefteå municipality are sold at the Skellefteå tourist center and some of the conservation areas are also available to purchase online at


  • Avaberg, Holmsund FVO
  • Bjurvattnet's FVO
  • Bureälven's lower FVO
  • Bureälven's upper FVO
  • Byskeälvens FVO
  • Drängsmarks FVO
  • Kalvträsks FVO
  • Klintforsån's lower FVO
  • Klintforsån's upper FVO
  • Krångfors FVO
  • Kvistforsens FVO
  • Kågeälven's lower FVO
  • Kågeälven's upper FVO
  • Lejonströms FVO
  • Lidsjön-Välvsjöliden's FVO
  • Lossmenträskets FVO
  • Långselets FVO
  • Ostvik-Östanbäck's FVO
  • Risliden-Barlidens FVO
  • Röjnorets, svartröjnorets FVO
  • Skellefteå southern FVO
  • Stora Blåbärsträsket-Tvärträskets FVO
  • Stora Bygdeträskets FVO
  • Storfallets FVO
  • Tvärån-Svartåns FVO - not year 2024
  • Tåmedalens FVO
  • Ullbergsträskets FVO
  • Åbyälven's lower FVO
  • Åbyälven's upper FVO

You who are under 16 years of age can discover fishing in hundreds of fishing waters within Skellefteå municipality completely free of charge! 

Everything you need to know about easily accessible fishing waters can be found in our fishing guide. Visit our Fishing guide