Bure Archive


Bure Archive is a working life museum that depicts the forest industry in Bureå. The exhibitions are about the period from the 18th century to the last closure in 1992. The museum is located in Bure Company's office from 1952, which is typical of the time and well preserved.

Bure Archive is a working life museum located in Bureå, 20 km south of Skellefteå. The basic exhibition tells about the local sawmill and pulp industry. The sawmill started in the 18th century, and the last business was closed down in 1992. The museum also has an exhibition of old office machines.

A special exhibition about Bure Aktiebolags saws through the ages. It consists of a model and many pictures.

In the summer of 2022, an exhibition will be shown about the criticized closure of the pulp mill. It was implemented 30 years ago. The museum is located in a well-preserved office building. Most of the furnishings and furniture are intact from the 1950s. It is free to walk around most rooms and soak up the feeling of the 50s.

During the opening hours, a lecture is arranged every Sunday at 13.00. The topics usually have to do with Bureå's history.

The company's letters, accounting, minutes, and other documents are stored in the archive. It is available for research at booked visits.

Welcome to see, read, listen, learn and feel the scent in our fine museum.

The premises are not wheelchair accessible.

Contact information

Trädgårdsgatan 7

Contact: Rolf Granstrand
Phone: +46-702668723

E-mail: info@visitskelleftea.se

Opening hours

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All Sundays in July from 12:00 to 15:00 year 2024