Forum Museum Rönnskär

Skelleftehamn, Skellefteå

Forum Museum Rönnskär is located inside the industrial area in Skelleftehamn where the smelter Rönnskär is located. Rönnskär is one of the world's most efficient copper smelters and is a world leader in the recycling of copper and precious metals from electronic scrap.

The museum depicts the more than 80-year history that affects the smelter, the archipelago area and the village, from the very first gold find in 1924 in Fågelmyran outside Boliden to today's unique smelter.

Here there are exhibitions about gold and the Rönnskär smelter, but also about the people.

You get an opportunity to get to know personalities who are connected to the area and the history of the company Boliden. For example, Ivar Kreuger, financier and majority owner of Boliden, was active in the 30s, but also our now world-famous author Stieg Larsson, was the grandson of the worker Severin Boström. The neighborhoods in Skelleftehamn that grew out of the Rönnskärsverket's development are namely Stieg's birthplace.

Price information

Guided entrance

Adults: SEK 100

Children (7-14 years): SEK 25

Food and coffee

Food and coffee sales at the Kopparmojjen restaurant (100 m from the museum). The museum can also arrange coffee and sandwiches according to agreement.



More information and booking

You need to book in advance to visit the museum. We will meet you at the Rönnskärsverket's reception. Inside the area, we drive through the gigantic industrial area which is in full operation, around the clock.

Contact details

Mona Stenberg

+46 (0) 73 8000 518, feel free to send an SMS.