Change your life – our lifestyle defined in four points

Sven Burman
Sven Burman
Take a look at Skellefteå Municipality from above. The first thing you'll see is the city that spreads along Skellefte River. Then the communities and villages along the coast and by the larger lakes. You will quickly realize that it is large to the surface. Almost as big as Skåne. You are watching more than a thousand lakes and 700 islands and realize how much there is to explore. You're seeing Bjuröklubb, in the east, stretching far out in the Gulf of Bothnia and the mountains and the big boreal forests in the west. What you can not see on a map, however, is how easy life can be in Skellefteå.

Therefore, we have chosen to define the simple life in four points that we think characterize our way of life.

1. Find your dream home and life balance

In Skellefteå, about half of the 73,000 inhabitants live in the city center and the rest in the smaller communities and villages. The city is called the 10-minute city, since most things are available within just 10 minutes. Everything from ski trails and arenas to museums and swimming pools. Restaurants and recreation areas. Yes even a ski slope.

As one returnee recently put it:
- Even though, Stockholm could offer a lot more, we as a family had more time to do things together in Skellefteå as the distances are shorter and the congestion less.

But not everyone wants to live in an urban environment. Many choose the countryside because of other values. To live with nature and reduce the number of stressors in life. You're both reducing and increasing. Reducing stress, time in queues and expenses. Increasing time in nature and with people you truly care about. Opt out of malls and opt for wildlife and night skies.

Regardless of the choice between city and countryside, the price picture in Skellefteå is better than in the metropolitan regions, which means that more people can find their real dream home and create balance in the life they want to live.

2. A city in green transition and with faith in the future

Skellefteå is the city in Sweden where most is invested per capita. Here is a strong belief in the future and we-spirit. The establishment of Europe's largest battery factory Northvolt, which will produce the world's greenest batteries with power from e.g. Skellefte älv, creates thousands of jobs and a pride in the town. A kind of pleasant northern pride that does not really need to be expressed.

It is rather Skellefteå's employers who worries about the availability of employees than the other way around. It could be seen as a luxury problem, but the fact is that Northvolt alone needs to employ at least 3,000 people and together with other new establishments, the municipality expects a growth of 7,000 jobs.


In the middle of the wooden city's center, Sara Cultural Centre and The Wood Hotel stands stall entirely built of locally produced wood. An 80 meter high landmark that dares to take up space and has brought journalist from the entire world to the city . From Vana Spa on the 20th floor you can see the forest that the house is built of, as well as the river that heats and cools the building. This house, that actually is climate positive due to it's ability to bind CO2, has made it easy to dream a about a more sustainable future.


3. Free up time for experiences and activities

The day has only 24 hours no matter where in the world you live. How we use those hours, however, looks very different. Many who move to Skellefteå from larger cities do so for the simple reason that they want to free up more of these hours for what they love. Time with family and friends. Time for sports and outdoor life. Time for recovery and recreation. Less time in traffic jams and struggle with the everyday puzzle. It is as if the puzzle has fewer pieces  and that the surroundings require less of us who live here.

Since the wide range of things to see and explore in Skellefteå, is also easily accessed, it is as if the hours of the day last longer. In the middle of the city lays the recreation area Vitberget. During winter, big parts of the mountain is covered with XC-ski tracks and facing the city a family ski slope. During summer the XC-tracks gets exchanged to hiking and biking trails plus one of Scandinavia's most complete bike arenas.

Skellefteå is a coastal city and there are many nice guest harbors to visit, and harbor cafés to try during the summer. Hundreds of islands and beaches where you can dock with the boat or kayak to enjoy the midnight light without having to be crowded.

The countryside is also flourishing with entrepreneurs, farm shops, dog sledding companies and accommodation facilities. Try a handful of slalom slopes and hundreds of nice fishing waters. Luckily we have that little extra time left to experience everything the place has to offer.

4. Local and sustainable taste experiences

Two of the city's top chefs are originally from Iceland. When they were establishing a new restaurant, they looked at Paris, Stockholm, Oslo and the Loire Valley as possible places. They chose Skellefteå instead as the range of raw materials and local ingredients they love was in our region. The grouse and the moose. The reindeer, the char and the roe. The chanterelles and the cloudberry. And the cheeses of course, from Burträsk, Svedjan and Kalvträsk. They now run the Whiteguide restaurant Bryggargatan right on the banks of Skellefte river.

But here the range is also available for those who want to shop locally and sustainably on a daily basis. During several markets, both winter and summer, the local producers gather and offer their sausages, meet, roots and fruits, mushrooms and berries. It is even possible to order your favorite products on a weekly basis and pick them up in one place thanks to a new grass roots movement called the Reko-ring. It should be easy to choose locally and sustainably.


Saker att uppleva inom gångasvtånd från centrum