The Storytelling Festival

The 16 - 22 october is a week filled with storytelling power and joy of listening

The Storytelling Festival in Skellefteå has been held annually since its inception in 2009. The objective remains the same as it has always been: to collaborate with many other contributors to create a week filled with storytelling power and joy of listening. 

Since 2018, the Nordic Storytelling Center has been the main organizer. The basic principle, to collaborate with other cultural actors and local organizers, remains the same as before, as does the long-term goal to develop and strengthen storytelling in the region. Each festival usually features over a hundred storytelling experiences, organized by 40-50 different local actors around locations throughout the municipality. The festival also serves as a meeting place for the storytelling industry in the region, the country, and the rest of Europe.

Storytelling where you live

The Storytelling Festival takes place not only in central Skellefteå but also in locations around the municipality. Click the buttons below to go to the programs for that particular location.