Van Gogh Alive in Skellefteå


Experience the world renown artist Vincent van Goghs artistry in an enchanting new way, in Skellefteå summer of 2023. Van Gogh Alive is an multi sensory experience with over 3000 inspiring pictures, walls, floors and ceilings are transformed into pieces of art that all together to become a wonderful experience for all senses.  The exhibition has enchanted over 8.5 million people in more than 85 countries visited across 6 continents such as, Beijing, Mexico City, München, London, Sydney and Madrid.

Shopping in Skellefteå

We are proud of the large selection of shops in Skellefteå Centrum, you will find several personal and unique shops in a lovely mix with the well-known chain stores. 168 steps between two shopping centers in the center, and trading places in the south and in the north. A wide range and many who work for both ecological and social sustainability. Add a nice welcome to that, and we say 'Welcome to shop in Skellefteå'.