Sara Kulturhus and The Wood Hotel - Västerbotten's new landmark

If you are wondering what a climate-conscious future looks like, small subarctic Skellefteå (pronounced similarly to “she left you”) has some of the answers.” The Guardian wrote these words during fall 2021, when one of the worlds tallest wooden buildings opened in Skellefteå and media from all over the world visited. It was a memorable fall when Sara Culture house, named after the writer Sara Lidman, and The Wood Hotell by Elite finally got to open their doors in the same building and changed Skellefteå for ever.

In addition to the fact that this new landmark in the middle of a growing Skellefteå has proven to be a world first, it has also created new opportunities for culture, events and for Västerbotten's hospitality industry. Skellefteå has not only got five new stages, where the largest can accommodate 1,500 people, but a sustainable culture house built in wood that makes it attractive for culture practitioners and organizers to choose Skellefteå for their tours, shows or exhibitions.

In addition, the city has got a hotel it never had. A reason to visit in itself, where design is in focus and where exciting taste experiences and a mile-wide view attract visitors from all over the world.

Three new restaurants

In connection with the inauguration of Elite's new signature hotel, The Wood Hotel, three new restaurants also opened in the building. Three restaurants with a completely different character.

1. The Italian concept Paolo's
On the ground floor, adjacent to the hotel lobby, is the Italian concept Paolo’s, developed by Elite owner Caroline Chakraborty and her Italian husband Paolo Carfagna. Here there is constant life and movement, the feeling is continental and the flavors are Italian. The interior is colorful and full of homely details in natural materials. Paolo's will be a kind of melting pot where hotel guests, event visitors and locals can meet.

2. Restaurant Mandel

On the fourth floor is the house's largest restaurant, which is named after a potato. Restaurant Mandel. Here, Sami, local and international flavors meet in an al’a carte menu signed by star chef Carina Brydling.

Interior in leather, sheepskin and reindeer horn together with the house wooden frame creates a cozy feeling. Adjacent to the restaurant is a large terrace with an outdoor bar that is expected to be one of Skellefteå's most popular "summer hangouts".

3. Miss Voon with asian flavors

High above the city's other rooftops, on the 19th floor, is the Asian concept restaurant Miss Voon. With a panoramic view of the entire city and a long sky bar, Miss Voons offers its visitors a culinary Asian tasting trip. The dull red interior and the view of the city after sunset make Skellefteå feel like a big city in class with Paris or Berlin.

205 rooms and a gorgeous spa

The Wood Hotel is a large hotel. There are 205 rooms in Scandinavian design, inspired by mountain cottages and by local craft tradition. The hotel offers everything from double rooms to suites with separate bedrooms and private saunas and most rooms offer large windows with a mile-wide view to either the east or west.

See all rooms and book your visit here.


Vana Spa

At the top of the 20th floor is Vana Spa, designed by the internationally renowned architect and designer Per Öberg. On Vana's large outdoor terrace, visitors can meet all of Västerbotten's seasons from a large heated pool, and see how the city changes with both the weather and daylight. Inside the spa itself there is a steam sauna, a classic Finnish sauna and a hammam.

Skellefteås new climate friendly livingroom

Let's return to the most unique thing about this whole construction project. The fact that Sara Kulturhus is a climate-smart and carbon-neutral house where the raw material comes from local forests within a 6-mile radius, and where the carbon dioxide remains bound in the house's walls, floors and ceiling. A house where the energy comes from water and wind, as well as solar cells on the top of the house, and you take t.o.m. find out the waste heat that occurs between the house's double glass facades. When the house gets energy surplus during e.g. hot summer days, the surplus is sent into the city's electricity grid. This is also precisely why the world's press is turning its eyes to Skellefteå.

The wooden frame, which is also visible in the interior, gives the house a warm and welcoming feeling and the hope is that this will develop into a natural meeting place for everyone. That events, conferences and accommodation packages should attract new people to this destination at the destination. A new living room simply for everyone who lives in, or visits, Skellefteå.

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