Cycle in Skellefteå – Västerbotten's cycling mecca


There is plenty to see and experience from the bicycle saddle. Skellefteå Bike Arena, only 5 minutes from the city center, and Bygdsiljum Bike Park with downhill cycling are given tips to those who love speed and challenges. But there are also a lot of options for the trail and road cyclist with excursions around, for instance, Lövånger and Burträsk

A bicycle-friendly accommodation is a place that offers opportunities for guests who travel with their own bicycle or rent a bicycle for several days and need to be able to lock, wash and service it. All of the accommodations listed above meet at least three of these criteria. For more information, please contact the respective facility.


✓ Possibility of safe and locked bicycle storage
✓ Possibility to rinse / wash the bike
✓ Possibility to borrow tools for simple repairs
✓ Washing and drying facilities for clothes

Bike-friendly accommodations

Bike paths and parks tips

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, there is something for you. On mountain bike, dirt bike or road bike. Here we have gathered tips on trails and bike parks from the entire area so that you can easily plan your cycling trip

Suitable country roads

Are you someone who enjoys cycling long distances, or are you perhaps on a cycling holiday?
Here is a map of suitable routes that keep you off the highway and offer beautiful nature experiences along the way.

Cycling in Skellefteå | Bike parks and road cycling

These days we have our feet on the pedals in one of Sweden's fastest growing cycling cities. With Skellefteå Bike Arena and Bike Park - Scandinavia's largest bike park - as hub, Skellefteå has in a short time established itself on the Swedish cycling map.

Mountainbike, Downhill, Enduro or Cross Country

There are many different types of bikes which can be quite confusing for the beginner. Mountain biking is used by many but is a kind of collective name for bicycles intended for terrain. They often have 21-27 gears and are semi- or fully damped. This genre includes the other types mentioned, downhill, enduro and cross country.

Downhill bikes are usually heavier and should withstand a lot. They have advanced damping on both front and rear and more durable tires than many other bikes. They are well suited for lift-borne cycling where you do not have to cycle uphill


Cross Country is a kind of mountain bike that usually has a shorter suspension at the front (and sometimes also at the rear). The bikes are light and are intended for easier terrain, often on wider paths, forest roads or gravel roads.


Enduro bikes (also called All-Mountain bikes) are usually fully damped bikes that are designed for advanced and technical cycling in tough terrain. Unlike a downhill bike, it is more suitable for cycling up the mountain.


Road bikes

Yes, as if it were not enough with the types of bikes mentioned above, there are also road bikes which are designed for ordinary country roads. Asphalt as well as gravel. These bikes lack suspension, usually have a lighter frame and narrower tires. They often have different types of buck handlebars to reduce wind resistance


BMX and Dirtbikes are special bikes for those who like to ride on pump tracks. They are both light and have low frames, often lacking gears. There are several different genres within this branch as well, but all are designed for technical cycling which often includes different types of jumps, tricks and stunts.