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The Wood Hotel and Sara Kulturhus is a modern top-class meeting facility with a capacity of up to 1200 seated conference guests and up to 1500 people in combination sitting/standing. It offers several flexible stages and meeting rooms with space for everything from congresses and conferences to concerts, performances, exhibitions and banquets.

Here, you'll get a full-service solution in an inspiring environment with first-class service and fantastic food. Feel free to contact us if you have wishes, creative ideas or concrete inquiries and we will make these a reality.

Sustainable and CO2 neutral building in timber

Sustainability is White's driving force for creativity, innovation, increased participation and better architecture. By putting sustainability first, they create buildings and an equal society with people in focus.


Sara Kulturhus is a climate-smart and carbon-neutral building in wood that is good for both the environment and for the people who will be staying in it. The 20-storey house is largely produced locally by the forest in the area. Solar cells and efficient energy use further help to minimize the house's climate footprint. The wood used for the culture house comes from sustainable forestry so the trees that are felled are replaced. The newly planted trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow, while the carbon dioxide in the felled trees is locked into the building. Sara Kulturhus also weaves together the city's long tradition in wood construction with the latest engineering, which has made the building a model in sustainable design and construction.


Sara Kulturhus has the label Miljöbyggnad Guld, which is the highest label at Miljöbyggnad. Miljöbyggnad is a Swedish system for environmental certification of buildings and today more than 1500 buildings are certified in Miljöbyggnad. Environmental certification of a building means that the environmental work and the building's environmental performance are reviewed by third parties.

Meanwhile in Skellefteå – Sara Cultural Centre is taking form

Building the world’s tallest wooden building - Stories From Sweden

Study Visits & Technical Visits

One of the world's tallest wooden buildings stands proud in Skellefteå, a construction project that is unique in many ways. Feel free to take part in Skellefteå's experiences through a study visit. We also welcome other players who want to take part in Skellefteå, as the new industry's growth site with a Technical Visit.

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Are you interested in how the culture house process in Skellefteå is going or want to know more about the project?