Travelling to and from Skellefteå

It's easy to get to Skellefteå, and regardless of whether you come for this year's big congress, a long-awaited meeting, a sporting event or a concert, as an enthusiastic tourist or returnee, you are most welcome! There are many different ways to travel here. You an either travel by the coast with bus or train, or fly to our green airport.

Flying to and from Skellefteå

The flight from Arlanda with SAS takes about an hour, as long as the average Stockholmer spends his daily commute to work. Skellefteå municipality has, as one of the first municipalities in the country, made the decision to reduce the climate of domestic flights from Skellefteå Airport through the use of fossil-free aviation fuel. Skellefteå Airport, together with Skellefteå Kraft, Northvolt, InnoEnergy and Skellefteå Science City, among others, is driving the development of the fossil transport of the future. In 2021, charging infrastructure for electric aircraft will also be installed.

Electric airport buses to the city center connect to all flights and take about 20 minutes. They make stops at all major city hotels. Of course there are also taxis.

Car rental available at Skellefteå Airport. Convenient, reliable, and ready for your journey. Rent a car and explore Skellefteå with ease.

Take the train from Centralen

By train from Stockholm you go either to Umeå and then by bus on to Skellefteå, or to one of the train stations in Bastuträsk or Jörn, both about 55 km from Skellefteå. The easiest way to get to the city is by bus or taxi. The train bus runs in connection with all train arrivals to Bastuträsk station, into Skellefteå center.


Night bus from Stockholm to Skellefteå

Between Stockholm City Terminal and Skellefteå Bus Station there is a regular bus line that can be booked via The bus line is up and running in July 2024. Convenient for those who want to avoid any transfer and travel from city center to city center.