Weaving house Nordanå


Do you want to weave this summer? Come and try weaving in the loom this summer! 3th of July- 4th of August year 2022.

The loom's activities are based on non-profit work by members of working groups, with the exception of the summer activities when the loom is open to the public for 5 weeks when the work is handled by an employed loom hostess. The Culture Committee is the contributor.

This summer we have set up:
Towels, dishcloth, runners in grosgrain, damask, children's fabric
and 1 rag rug in gray and unbleached warp.

A host is available to assist you.

Welcome to cozy days in the weaving shed!

Contact information

Nordanå kulturområde
Contact: Skellefteå Vävstugeförening
Phone: +46-767770009

E-mail: vavstugan@vavstuganordana.se
Website: www.vavstuganordana.se

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